Ideas On The Hottest Pedicure Designs

Hot Pedicure Designs

You can easily accessorize your toe-nails with the latest pedicure designs which won’t necessitate professional skills or take you many hours to complete. You can easily learn how you can glam up your look with the latest stylish nail patterns by using the best nail-polish formulas accompanied by top rated kits. If you are unsure of what design to choose it is always advisable to stick with classy designs. Today pedicure designs mean you can also add if extra accessories such as rhinestones beads or nail stickers.

When it comes to your feet and toe-nails, caring for this part of the body is as equally important as your hands. This means you should be dedicating enough time to conditioning and polishing your toe-nails to prevent infections or additional issues. Over and above focusing on keeping your nails in a good state of health it is important that you choose the nail-art designs that will suit the length and shape of your toe-nails as well as your skin tone. Below are a few ideas related to decorating your toe-nails with the latest patterns and voguish images.

Pedicure designs will vary greatly according to the colors and complexity of the design. If you prefer to stick with a classy design you may prefer choosing the easy-to-do and simplest patterns. Or if you have the time you may enjoy the challenge of turning your nail-art-skills into fantastic masterpieces. To choose the right pedicure design it is advisable to do a bit of research on the Internet to find the latest trends and the type that suits your budget and personality. Abstract images as well as floral designs can easily enhance or brighten up even the plainest surface.

pedicure designs

Below are a few pedicure designs to consider:

Geometric Toe Nail Designs

From tribal motifs to chevron patterns to vertical lines, there will be something that suits just about every taste. If you prefer to replicate one of these designs from your home it is advisable to use pieces of small tape or even a pointed paintbrush in order to achieve the width you desire. It is best to use a light or colorful base and then use darker colors to paint on your geometrical motif. If you prefer an outcome that is more subtle, use a skin color or soft pink as your base and then use white to paint on dots or lines.

Toe Nail Art using Rhinestones Or Crystals

These are not always the easiest if you decide to do your own pedicure. However, with a bit of effort and patience you can achieve a spectacular result. If you have decided to take on this task on your own, make sure you have a pair or quality tweezers. This will help you to not only pick up these small stones or crystals but will also assist you in making sure they are positioned correctly.

When choosing the design, begin by creating your preferred design on a surface that is flat, so you will know where to place the stones when you placing them onto your toe-nails. Once all your stones are placed in the correct positions, seal them using a top coat to stop the stones from coming loose and making sure the actual nail polish or base coat does not chip.

Simple Toenail Designs Using DIY Motifs

These particular designs are a combination or floral and geometric shapes that may seem elaborate or complex but are in fact very easy if you decide to do it yourself. One of the easiest ways to glam up a plain pedicure would be to dot the base color with a contrasting color for an easy and fun look. You can even alternate the actual size of your dots and use various colors for an upbeat and funky look. If you prefer to keep the look more organized, place each dot using linear patterns.

If you are looking for an over the top design make use of accent nails, to ensure your toenails get noticed. One of the latest looks includes a tiny ladybug on each of your toenails that is one of the best looks for the summer and sandal season.

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